1. Intro / Team
2. Regional Context
3. Site Analysis
4. Site Plan
     a) Main Cluster
     b) Medical Cluster
     c) Sports Cluster
5. Circulation Plan
6. Open Space Plan
7. Supplemental Info

4c. Site Plan - Sports Cluster

Stadium complex contains:

  • Regional sports stadium (approx. 30,000 seats)
  • Regional indoor athletic arena
  • Three-story parking decks with photovoltaic tiles on roofs to aid energy efficiency
  • Planned open space for informal recreation
  • Small commercial 'pavilions' for temporary or permanent commercial or recreation activities associated with stadium events

Future Ag/Environmental College

  • Future school for agricultural and environmental education, located to the east of the stadium complex
  • Designed for 1,700 male students, 1,300 female students
  • Field houses and laboratories provided in addition to academic buildings
  • Large fields to study crop production and area provided for specimen plantings, terraced as necessary

Sketch plan for the proposed future ag/environmental school. Click to view full-sized image.


Sports cluster plan. Click to view full-sized image.

Stadium and Arena vicinity. Click to view full-sized image.