Undergraduate Programs

Degree Programs


Health Administration (501D) Direct Admit


Planning and Public Policy* (762) SAS Students


Public Health* (832) SAS and SEBS Students (832D) Direct Admit


Public Policy* (833) SAS Students (833D) Direct Admit


**Pending State Approval** Urban Planning and Design (971) SAS Students (971D) Direct Admit


*Minor Available


Planning and Public Policy (762), Public Health (832, 832D), Public Policy (833, 833D), and Health Administration (501D) cannot be combined as double majors or as major/minor combinations.



The Bloustein School educates a highly select pool of students, preparing them for both public and private sector careers, teaching and research professions and service at all levels of government. Students are trained and ultimately employed in the following areas:

  • land use
  • political processes
  • public health
  • employment and social policy
  • human services
  • transportation policy and planning
  • housing and real estate
  • urban redevelopment
  • regional development and planning
  • nursing home administration

As one of the strongest policy schools in the nation, the Bloustein School has the capacity to address local, state, regional, national and international policy and planning issues with expertise and credibility. The School is a leader in such areas as smart growth, transportation planning, workforce development, and environmental health, and builds on its association with research centers in related areas. The Bloustein School is also distinctive in its simultaneous focus on graduate and undergraduate education.

Career Development/Jobs/Internships

For additional information on the undergraduate programs, please contact:

Christina Miller
Coordinator, Undergraduate Student Services
Bloustein School Civic Square Building; Room 183
Phone: (848) 932-2726
Email: undergrad@ejb.rutgers.edu

LaToya Fendrick
Coordinator, Undergraduate Student Services
Bloustein School Civic Square Building; Room 189
Phone: (848) 932-2701
Email: undergrad@ejb.rutgers.edu