Transfer Students

For Students Seeking a Major in Planning and Public Policy – 762


Students seeking the planning and public policy major should first apply for admission to the School of Arts and Sciences (SAS). Upon admission to SAS, the student should make an appointment for advising at the Bloustein School.* Successful applicants for Bloustein School admission will have achieved grades of C or better in the prerequisite courses and have achieved an overall GPA of at least 2.5. Upon completion of the major and SAS graduation requirements, the student will be awarded the bachelor of arts (BA) degree jointly from SAS and the Bloustein School.


The pre-requisite courses to the planning and public policy major include (6-7 credits):
10:762:101 OR 10:832:101 Introduction to Planning, Policy and Health (3)
10:762:205  Basic Statistical Methods (4) or equivalent



For Students Seeking a Major in Public Health – 832


Students seeking the public health (832) major must choose between two degree options:





*Contact Christina Miller, Coordinator, Undergraduate Student Services at the Bloustein School, 33 Livingston Avenue (Room 183) for information about advising and how to apply.  Ms. Miller may be reached at (848) 932-2726 or at