Urban and Community Development Concentration

Faculty Advisers

Kathe Newman (Coordinator), James DeFilippis, Norman Glickman, Radha Jagannathan, Robert Lake, Julia Sass Rubin



This concentration provides broad exposure to the political, economic, and social processes of urban and community development. The course work examines: the processes through which communities change; the relationship between community development and local, national, and global institutions and forces; participatory and community planning methods; issues of gender, race, class, and power; and social and economic policy formation; implementation and evaluation. This concentration meets the needs of students with a range of interests, including downtown redevelopment, community revitalization, urban poverty, community economic development, health, and housing. Students must take both of the required courses and at least four courses total in the concentration. It is strongly recommended that a graduate planning studio in community development be one of the four.


Required Courses

34:970:563 Community Development
34:970:660 Community Economic Development

Recommended Courses (choose at least two, or one plus a community development studio)

34:970:622 Urban Redevelopment
34:970:511 Community Development Studio
34:970:521 Historic Preservation
34:970:529 Principles of Housing
34:970:528 Housing Economics and Markets
34:970:609 Social Policy in Developing Nations
34:970:658 Real Estate Finance
34:970:532 Bridging Public Health and Urban Planning
34:970:652 Urban Political Theory
34:833 628 Qualitative Methods
34:833:685 Finance
34:833:681 Managing People and Organizations
34:833:577 Immigration Policy
34:833:595 Economics of Poverty
34:833:570 Non-profit Management
34:833:522 Public Policy Advocacy
34:833:585 American Social Policy
34:833:510 Public Policy Formation
34:833:682 Planning, Policy, and Race
34:833:540 State and Local Public Finance
34:833:513 Health Disparities


Internship Opportunities

HPD Fellowship Program


Job Search

City Limits 

Housing and Community Development Network of NJ


Other Areas of Concentration:

Environmental and Physical Planning
Housing and Real Estate
International Development and Regional Planning
Transportation Policy and Planning
Urban and Community Development