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CNCR provides workshops and seminars for a variety of institutions and organizations in both the private and public spheres. The major emphasis, for most, is on negotiation and collaborative problem-solving but we also provide mediation and arbitration training and facilitate meetings and retreats as well. We have offered workshops and seminars at many institutions of higher education--at Princeton University, Kean and Monmouth Universities, Caldwell and Bloomfield Colleges, the New School, NYU and Marymount Manhattan College in New York for example; we have done programs for several planning groups associated with the ACIP. We have provided negotiation and leadership training programs for Chubb Insurance Company, for example, several units of Johnson and Johnson, and others in conjunction with the Institute for Women's Leadership, including several on site in New Brunswick. We have worked with the Center for Government Services, at Rutgers, to provide short programs for tax assessors, for example, and other municipal workers and we have done several programs for the New Jersey State League of Municipalities, both at the annual meeting and at several regional locations, from Gloucester to Bergen County. We've done many sessions for not-for-profit organizations, including the New Jersey Center for Non Profit Organizations.

The Center also offers programs for state agencies and has done many projects with the NJ State Department of Transportation, for example, the Division of Licensure, the Administrative Office of the New Jersey Supreme Court, the Attorney General and the Department of Banking and Industry.

Below is information about the workshops we have coordinated in the past and are able to present for your organization. If you are interested, please contact us.

When Professional Judgements Collide

CNCR conducted a seminar and training workshop for scientists and veterinarians, federal and state agency personnel, university and institutional oversight committee members and private accrediting groups in Wilmington, Delaware in early February, 2005. This session was sponsored by the professional associations in New Jersey and in Pennsylvania that promote the improvement of human and animal health through biomedical research.

Fifty participants, ranging from pharmaceutical companies, nationwide--scientists and laboratory personnel--National Academies of Science and Institutes of Health, USDA, APHIS, AAALAC--regulators, professional accreditors and scientists--worked on approaches to improve the way these groups of professionals interact, and specifically, to improve the regulatory compliance/audit process. The session provided participants with a framework for conducting discussions that focus on meeting the needs, the interests, and the requirements of the people involved in assuring high standards of animal welfare.

Participants engaged in role plays and in discussions of hypothetical but realistic problem situations in order to experience the negotiation process, enhance understanding of concepts and develop communication skills. When, for example, a new veterinarian to a university laboratory, believes that the guinea pigs in a skin cancer research project need to be euthanized because they are suffering and the principal investigator argues that the protocol for their care has been approved and their conditions monitored, and assures the veterinarian that the animals are not suffering and that his/her research will save lives and must are these differences to be managed effectively? These are professionals whose judgments are in conflict. Issues that can surface in exit interviews, for example, were examined as well as the barriers substantive, strategic and cognitive that can impede effective exchanges in these settings.

New Jersey State Police Workshop

CNCR conducted a day long program for the New Jersey State Police for 30 of its high level officers and managers on conflict management issues, both in the workplace, between and among officers and managers, and with respect to the various publics with whom the state police regularly interact. This is the second time that CNCR has done a workshop on this theme, in conjunction with the Police Institute on the Rutgers, Newark campus.

Young Women Scholars Workshop

This workshop took place in November for the negotiation and conflict resolution skill segment of the leadership curriculum provided under the auspices of the Institute for Women's Leadership at Rutgers.

Problem-Solving Negotiation: A Skill Development Session

This skill development workshop introduces a problem-solving approach to negotiation. It provides a framework for conducting negotiations to focus on meeting the needs and interests of people in conflict. The workshop is designed for those who assist others in managing their conflicts (or wish to be prepared to do so) and also for those who wish to improve their understanding of negotiation and to improve their skill and effectiveness in that process.

Participants engage in role plays and in discussions of hypothetical but realistic problem situations in order to experience the negotiation process, enhance understanding of concepts and develop skills. Issues that surface in negotiation are examined as are the barriers--substantive, strategic and cognitive--that can impede effective negotiations. What is provided is a conceptual framework for understanding and approaching negotiations in planning and public policy contexts and an opportunity to gain experience with a specific approach and to become familiar with the skills that are most useful in it.

Draft Agenda (subject to change following discussions)

Introduction: Purpose of Workshop

Interest-Based Negotiation:

  • An Exercise for demonstrating positions/interests in negotiation
  • A Generic framework

Using the Framework:

  • An Exercise for trying the framework
  • Barriers to effective negotiation
  • Effective negotiation strategies and tactics

Dealing with Impasse
Negotiating a Complex Dispute

The workshop is conducted by Sanford M. Jaffe and Linda Stamato, directors of the Center for Negotiation and Conflict Resolution at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey. They are experienced teachers, analysts, consultants and practitioners in the conflict resolution field.

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