Part II of an Exploratory Study to Establish a Special Improvement
District on Springfield and South Orange Avenues, Newark, NJ

Report to the Corinthian Housing Development Corporation and New Community Corporation

May 11, 1998

APPENDIX B: List of Field Contacts




Current Revitalization Efforts

Urban Enterprise Zone (UEZ)

Contact: Rafael Zabala, Newark UEZ Coordinator
Phone: 973-643-2790
Fax: 973-643-8753

Office of Neighborhood Empowerment

Contact: Stephanie Wall, Newark Representative
Phone: 609-292-3762

Newark Overall Development Plan (OEDP)

Contact: Spencer Ferdinand, Director of Economic Development
Phone: 973-733-6284

Newark City Council

Contact: Councilman George Branch
Phone: 973-733-6425

Public Service Electric & Gas (PSE&G)

Contact: Marion O’Neill, Urban Initiatives Manager
Phone: 973-430-7842

Potential Revitalization Resources

Neighborhood Preservation Program (NPP)

Resource: Neighborhood Preservation Program (NPP)
Contact: Terry Schrider, Director
Phone: 609-633-6258

The Main Street Program

Contact: Jef R. Buehler, Assistant State Coordinator
Phone: 609-633-9769

Intermodal Surface Transportation Efficiency Act (ISTEA)

Contact: James Harding, District Engineer, NJ DOT – Department of Local Aid
Phone: 973-770-5070

Loan Pools / Loan Programs

Resource: Greater Newark Business Development Consortium
Contact: David Means, Executive Director / Joseph Mare
Phone: 973-824-4900

Resource: First Union Bank
Contact: Freda Barnes, Senior Vice President of Community Affairs
Phone: 973-565-2959

Resource: First Union Bank
Contact: Matthew Borrowick, CRA Officer
Phone: 973-565-2957

Special Improvement Districts (SIDs)

Resource: Department of Community Affairs
Seth Grossman, SID Coordinator
Phone: 609-633-6280

Resource: The Community Advocates
Contact: Donald Smartt
Phone: 973-857-1467

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