Part II of an Exploratory Study to Establish a Special Improvement
District on Springfield and South Orange Avenues, Newark, NJ

Report to the Corinthian Housing Development Corporation and New Community Corporation

May 11, 1998

Public Utility Resources - PSE&G

PSE&G, as part of its Urban Initiatives program, is partnering with both governmental and other private firms to effect change and bring about economic development in distressed communities. Its Urban Initiatives program, begun in1997, is a way for PSE&G to give back to the community and at the same time strengthen its name in an era of competition. The program targets both social and economic development. The initial project entitled the South Ward Initiative included PSE&G's work as a catalyst developing plans, designing facilities, community organizing, hiring pertinent professionals, coordinating in house designers, and investigating project budgets. The South Ward Initiative project is an effort to create an industrial park - a 100,000 square foot light industrial building to provide up to 300 jobs for the Newark community. On top of this physical improvement, PSE&G plans to develop programs for daycare, enhanced transportation, parenting classes and homeownership classes for the South Ward area. Funds for their projects are donated from PSE&G's Public Service New Millennium Economic Development Fund as well as support which various other private partners PSE&G can bring to the table (O'Neill, 1998).

Although the startup program concentrated in Newark, since then PSE&G has teamed up with the State of New Jersey to assist in redevelopment efforts in all areas with Urban Coordinating Council designation. These include: Elizabeth, Jersey City, Trenton, Camden, Newark and New Brunswick. PSE&G has also partnered with the Governor on the Faith-based Initiative program. The level of commitment in these areas varies depending upon the specific services each community needs. PSE&G is involved in areas that are in the infancy of designing redevelopment programs as well as others that are already on the way toward achieving their goals.

Current PSE&G Projects
PSE&G's involvement ranges from large-scale economic development to grassroots community-based initiatives. The wide varieties of financial and social resources are valuable assets for community-based organizations. PSE&G knows how to partner with both private and public agencies and can act as an intermediary between the city government and the community based-organizations. Perhaps PSE&G could be useful in assisting the group formation process in the West Side Park neighborhood. Because PSE&G is already familiar with Newark, and is quite invested in New Jersey's urban areas, it could be prepared to help organize by contributing both time and money.

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