James DeFilippis

James DeFilippis , Ph.D.
Associate Professor
B.A. University of Vermont; M.A., and Ph.D. Rutgers University


Contact Information

Civic Square Building, room 365

Phone (732) 932-2805

Fax (732) 932-6564

E-mail: jdefilip@rutgers.edu


Research Interests

  • Urban political economy and political philosophy
  • Community development theory and practice
  • Unregulated work and the informal economy
  • Immigration



  • Introduction to Planning, Policy and Health
  • History and Theory of Planning
  • Principles of Housing
  • US Housing Policy
  • Immigration Policy and Public Health
  • Community Development
  • Urban Economics and Spatial Patterns


Recent Publications and Activities


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    Winner of the American Political Science Association’s Urban Politics Section “Best Book in Urban Politics 2004”.


Selected Journal Articles and Book Chapters

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James DeFilippis' research focuses on the politics and economics of cities and communities.  He is particularly interested in the processes of social change, and questions of power and justice in cities.  His strives to makes connections; linking disciplines and connecting academic theory and grounded political practice. He has published work in academic journals in a variety of fields, both independently and in collaboration with other authors.  He is the author or editor of three books.  Professor DeFilippis has also written applied monographs and reports, and his interests extend well beyond the academy and into the practice of concrete political work and policy analyses.


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