Marc Weiner, J.D, Ph.D.

Marc D. Weiner, J.D., Ph.D.
Assistant Research Professor

Associate Director and Faculty Fellow
Bloustein Center for Survey Research
B.A., Syracuse University (political philosophy)
J.D., Widener University;
Ph.D. Rutgers University (political science)


Contact Information

Civic Square Building, room 273

Phone 848-932-2765

Fax (732) 932-1881



Research Interests

  • Survey research planning, design, operations, and data analysis
  • Research methodology and data modeling
  • Demography and public opinion analyses
  • Technology adoption
  • Gender gaps in environmental and technological attitudes


Graduate Courses

  • Survey Research
  • Advanced Qualitative Methods
  • Advanced Data Analysis for Public Policy
  • Research Design and Data Analysis for Public Policy


Undergraduate Courses

  • Introduction to Planning, Public Policy, and Public Health
  • Population Tools and Policies
  • Mental Health and Society
  • Health and Public Policy



Articles in Refereed Journals: Published or In Press
  • Weiner, M.D., MacKinnon, T.D. & Greenberg, M.R. (in press, 2013). Exploring the Gender Gap and the Impact of Residential Location on Environmental Risk Tolerance. Journal of Environmental Psychology.
  • Weiner, M.D. & Puniello, O.T. (in press, 2013). The Effect of Poverty on the Propensity to Adopt Broadband: Household Level Evidence from the Broadband Technology Opportunities Program. Journal of Poverty: Innovation on Social, Political, & Economic Inequalities.
  • Weiner, M.D., Puniello, O.T., Noland, R.B., Ciemnecki, D. & Turakhia, C. (2012). Consider the Non-Adopter: Developing a Prediction Model for the Adoption of Household-Level Broadband Access. Socio-Economic Planning Sciences: The International Journal of Public Sector Decision-Making, 46(3), pp. 183-193.
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Articles in Refereed Journals: Revised and Resubmitted or Under Review

  • Kline, A., Interian, A., Weiner, M. D., Ciccone, D.S., St. Hill, L., Falca-Dodson, M., & Losonczy, M. (revised and resubmitted, for 2013 publication). PTSD and Alcohol Misuse: What is the Connection? Psychology of Addictive Behaviors.
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  • Greenberg, M.R., Weiner, M.D., Noland, R.B., Herb, J., Kaplan, M. & Broccoli, A. (under review, for 2013 publication). Are Preparedness and Altruism Linked During Disasters? Evidence from Tropical Storm Irene and Hurricane Sandy. American Journal of Public Health.
  • Greenberg, M.R., Weiner, M.D., Noland, R.B., Herb, J., Kaplan, M. & Broccoli, A. (under review, for 2013 publication). Public Support for Policies to Reduce Risk after Hurricane Sandy. Risk Analysis: An International Journal.


Articles in Progress

  • Weiner, M.D. (in progress, for 2013 publication). A Gender Gap in American Public Opinion on Global Climate Change. Public Opinion Quarterly.
  • Turshen, M., Weiner, M. D., & Puniello, O.T. (in progress, for 2013 publication). Fertility under Assault: Pregnancy in the Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo in a Time of Conflict. Population Review.


Edited Books, Anthologies, Collections, Bibliographies

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Chapters in Books or Monographs
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Electronic Publications, Not Refereed
  • Weiner, M.D. & Pomper, G.M. (2006). The 2.4% Solution: What Makes a Mandate? The Forum: A Journal of Applied Research in Contemporary Politics, Special Topic Issue: Elections and Forecasting 2006, Vol. 4(2), Article 4. Berkeley, CA: Berkeley Electronic Press.


Scholarship Other
  • Weiner, M.D. Structural Inequality, Poor Population Projections, and a Spectacular Failure of Urban Planning: A Film Review of The Pruitt‐Igoe Myth: An Urban History [monograph; review of the film "The Pruitt-Igoe Myth: An Urban History"].


Other Publications
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Marc Weiner is Assistant Research Professor at the Edward J. Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy at Rutgers University, and Associate Director and Faculty Fellow of the Bloustein Center for Survey Research. Weiner collaborates with the Bloustein School's faculty, students, center directors, and research staff to support data collection and analysis across a number of research domains including social and economic policy, energy policy, environmental protection, public health, transportation policy, education, and urban planning. Substantively, his own research focuses on technology adoption, and the gender gap in environmental risk perception and tolerance. Weiner is active in the undergraduate faculty, in which he teaches Introduction to Planning, Public Policy and Health, Health and Public Policy, Mental Health and Society, and Population Tools and Policies. At the graduate level, he teaches Survey Research and Advanced Qualitative Methods, and has taught Methods I (Research Design and Data Analysis for Public Policy) and Methods II (Advanced Data Analysis for Public Policy).


Previously, Weiner was at Princeton University’s Office of Population Research where he served as Project Director for the Campus Life in America Student Survey, a Ford Foundation funded effort to explore diversity in higher education (2004-2006). Prior to that, he served as Assistant Director of the Princeton University Survey Research Center, where he directed or managed surveys collecting data for research housed in sociology, psychology, political science, population research, and higher education (2001-2004). As a lecturer for Rutgers’ political science department he taught “American Party Politics,” “Law and Politics,” “Elections and Participation,” “American Government,” and “Introduction to Political Science Research Methods.” Weiner was a 2000-01 Graduate Fellow at The Eagleton Institute, and served Eagleton’s New Jersey Project’s 1998 and 2000 Congressional Campaign Watches, and the 2001 Gubernatorial Campaign Watch as coordinating methodologist. He was also Executive Manager (1997-99) and Assistant Director (2001-02 and 2003-04) of Rutgers University’s Walt Whitman Center for the Culture and Politics of Democracy.


Weiner received his doctorate in political science from Rutgers University, New Brunswick, in May 2005 for research focusing on the changing role of the American electorate in the political party system. He received a 2002 dissertation research support grant from the Horowitz Foundation for Social Policy for his thesis, Fifty Years On: The American Electorate’s Evolving Participation in a Responsible Two-Party System (committee: Gerald M. Pomper, chair; Richard R. Lau, Daniel J. Tichenor, and John C. Green). Chapters from his dissertation were presented at the American Political Science Association’s annual meeting in August 2003 in Philadelphia and the New England Political Science Association’s annual meeting in April 2004 in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Weiner’s research in this area continued with “Responsible Mass Partisanship in the 2004 Election” presented in October 2005 at the University of Akron’s Bliss Institute’s quadrennial conference, The State of the Parties: 2004 and Beyond.


Weiner studied political methodology at the University of Michigan (ICPSR, summer 1998) and Princeton (Woodrow Wilson School, fall 1998). He has a juris doctor from Widener University (1986) and a bachelor’s degree in political philosophy from Syracuse University (1982). Before returning to the academy, he practiced trial law in the New Jersey state and federal courts. During that time he served as a law clerk in the Superior Court of New Jersey, Law Division, was certified as a New Jersey Department of Public Advocacy special mediator, and as a special hearing officer for the federal Department of Housing and Urban Development. He is an inactive member of the Bar in New Jersey, Florida, and the District of Columbia.