Cliff Zukin, Ph.D.
B.A., University of Oregon; M.A. and Ph.D., The Ohio State University


Contact Information

John J. Heldrich Center for Workforce Development, room 205
Phone (848) 932-1031
Fax (732) 932-1511


Research Interests

  • Public opinion
  • Mass media & American politics
  • Survey research
  • Research methods





  • Co-director, Work Trends- national surveys of unemployed, college graduates, workers and the general public
  • Former President, American Association for Public Opinion Research
  • Former Director, Public Policy Program, Bloustein School at Rutgers University
  • Consultant to NBC News and Exit Poll Analyst in national elections
  • Society of Professional Journalists Sigma Delta Chi Award and Bronze Medallion for Research about Journalism



  • Zukin, Cliff, et al. A New Engagement? : Political Participation, Civic Life, and the Changing American Citizen. New York: Oxford University Press, 2006.
  • Uninformed Choice: The Failure of the New Presidential Nominating System,with Scott Keeter. New York: Praeger, 1983.
  • Implications of the Growing Use of Wireless Telephones for Health Care Research,Health Services Research V44, No.5 October, 2009, pp 1762-1772.
  •  “The American Public and the Next Social Contract: Public Opinion and Political Culture in 2007.” New America Foundation.  February, 2008.
  •  “Generation X and the News” Research Monograph


Complete Curriculum Vitae (C.V.)