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Spotlight on New Faculty Research: Joel Cantor

Joel CantorIn a video interview, Joel Cantor, Professor of Public Policy and Director of the Center for State Health Policy, discusses his research on New Jersey’s health care system.
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Spotlight on New Faculty Research: Andrea Hetling

Andrea HetlingIn a video interview, Assistant Professor Andrea Hetling discusses her research regarding domestic violence and her upcoming article to be published in Violence Against Women.
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Spotlight on New Faculty Research: Meredeth Turshen

Meredeth TurshenProfessor Meredeth Turshen discusses her research regarding child poverty in Africa and her recent article published in the Review of African Political Economy

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Spotlight on New Faculty Research: Julia Sass Rubin

Juilia Sass RubinAssistant Professor Julia Sass Rubin discusses her research regarding community development loan funds and her recent article published in the Journal of Urban Affairs.
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Spotlight on New Faculty Research: Stephanie Curenton

Stephanie CurentonSpotlight on New Faculty Research: Stephanie M. Curenton

Assistant Professor Curenton discusses her research work related to child maltreatment and her upcoming article in Families in Society
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Spotlight on New Faculty Research: Michael Greenberg

Michael GreenbergProfessor Greenberg discusses his research work related to nuclear power and the disposal of spent fuel, nuclear weapons and chemical weapons
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Spotlight on New Faculty Research: Kathe Newman

Kathe NewmanKathe Newman discusses her research work related to the mortgage foreclosure crisis
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October 2009

IEEE Honors Clint Andrews with Social Implications of Technology Award

Professor Clinton J. Andrews has received the 2009 Brian M. O'Connell Distinguished Service Award by IEEE's Society on Social Implications of Technology. Known originally as the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, IEEE honored Andrews for serving as "a voice of the Society in areas of public policy." A former SSIT president, Andrews serves as the "Policy Perspective" columnist for IEEE Technology and Society Magazine.


May 2009

Jerome Rose Teaching Excellence Awards Presented for 2009

The 2009 Jerome Rose Teaching Excellence awards were presented to Professor Meredeth Turshen (Faculty), Andrew Davis (Part-time Lecturer) and Stephan Mend (Teaching Assistant.) Professor Turshen has taught a wide variety of both graduate and undergraduate courses at Rutgers including those in public health, planning and public policy and women’s studies. She was cited for being "consistently innovative in both the content and methods of teaching. She has a reputation as a 'demanding' teacher – one who elicits the best work of which a student is capable, but also as a helpful person who devotes time and attention to individual students." The student who nominated Meredeth calls her “the most inspiractional teacher I have encountered at Rutgers.”


Davis, a vice president with Paulus, Sokolowski & Sartor, LLC, has been an instructor for the MCRP program for over a decade. He teaches courses once taught by Jerry Rose – Principles of Planning Law and Environmental Law and receives strong evaluations from students. He brings insights from his legal practice to the classroom and regularly contributes articles to the New Jersey Law Journal. His nominator noted that his courses are “immensely valuable” for students enrolled in the Bloustein School's professional degree programs, and that he “expresses concern about his students’ welfare and takes time to help them with their individual, sometimes personal challenges.”


As a Teaching Assistant, Mend is relatively new to teaching, but has earned accolades from his students for the clarity of his explanations and his devotion to helping students. In winning the award, Mend was cited for teaching a difficult graduate course in Methods, and for going "well beyond what is officially required in terms of availability in office hours, lab sessions and extra help for struggling students." The student who nominated Mend wrote, “I cannot think of another TA, either in my graduate studies or as an undergraduate student, who managed to cover his duties with the expertise, commitment, and grace that he exhibited on a regular basis.”


March 2009

Bill Rodgers Tapped by Obama Administration, NBC News
Professor William M. Rodgers III helped advise the incoming Obama administration's transition team on labor issues, and appeared as an expert panelist on NBC's Meet the Press and CNBC's Squawk Box. The chief economist with the John J. Heldrich Center for Workforce Development, Rodgers advised the incoming labor secretary during the transition on how the stressed economy was impacting workers. He also conducted internal and external reviews of the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a part of the U.S. Department of Labor where Rodgers served as chief economist from 2000 to 2001. Rodgers commented on President Obama’s trip to Europe during his appearance on Meet the Press.


January 2009

Jane Miller Becomes Co-Director of Project L/EARN
Professor Jane Miller has become Faculty Director and a co-director of Project L/EARN, a graduate education program funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. Project L/EARN is designed to increase the number of students from underrepresented groups in the fields of health, mental health, and health policy research. The program is associated with the Institute for Health, Health Care Policy and Aging Research where Miller serves as a research professor.



Spotlight on New Faculty Research: Stuart Shapiro

Stuart ShaprioStuart Shapiro reflects on "Regulation from Clinton to Obama," and his recent published article in the Journal of Law & Politics

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Spotlight on New Faculty Research: Jocelyn Elise Crowley

Jocelyn Elise CrowleyJocelyn Crowley discusses her forthcoming book, Defiant Dads: Fathers’ Rights Activists In America
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October 2008

Newman Addresses NJ Legislature, Brown University Conference on Urban Housing Issues

Assistant Professor Kathe Newman's ongoing research into urban gentrification and the nation's mortgage foreclosure crisis resulted in two outside speaking invitations. On October 6, Newman was asked to testify before a joint hearing of the New Jersey Assembly's Financial Institutions and Insurance, and Housing and Local Government committees on "Foreclosures in New Jersey." On October 14, Newman delivered an invited talk at Brown University's 9th Annual Thomas J. Anton/Frederick Lippitt Conference, which addressed urban gentrification. Her presentation was “Liquidity Crisis: Capital Flows and Urban Change.”


September 2008

Bloustein School Welcomes Four New Faculty

The Bloustein School in 2008 completed one of the largest hirings in its history, adding four new faculty members. They include professors Robert Noland, previously of Imperial College London, and Harold Salzman, formerly of the University of Massachusetts; and assistant professors Gabriela Carolini, who recently received her PhD in urban planning from Columbia University, and Stephanie Curenton, previously at Florida State University. To learn more, click here



July 2008

Dona Schneider Appointed Associate Dean for Academic Programs

Professor Dona Schneider has been appointed the Bloustein School’s Associate Dean for Academic Programs, responsible for such functions as student financial support, faculty support, on-line and continuing education, and instructional technology. In addition, she will work with Dean James W. Hughes, the other two associate deans, and the program directors as part of a leadership team on school-wide issues that are critical for the Bloustein School’s development, academic programs, and capital campaign.


The associate dean position had been vacant for nearly two years – during the illness of Donald Krueckeberg, and then after his passing. Don had served with distinction for six years as Associate Dean for Masters and Professional Programs. During the vacancy, Associate Dean of the Faculty Michael Greenberg took on the position responsibilities.


In making the appointment, Dean Hughes cited Professor Schneider's “distinguished scholarly research, and teaching accomplishments, her effective leadership skills—especially of the Undergraduate Programs where she greatly increased tuition income and improved the school's financial position—her extensive experience serving on many university-wide committees, and her long-term commitment to advancing the school.”


Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Awards Project L/EARN $2.95 Million Grant, Miller to Become Co-Director

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation has awarded Project L/EARN a $2.95 million, three-year grant to support its eforts to increase diversity in the health research field. With the grant, EJB Professor Jane Miller will become Faculty Director, serving as the program's co-director starting next year. To learn more, click here


June 2008

Listokin, Senick Take Part in America-Israel Green Buildings Conference

Professor David Listokin moderated a panel on "The Meadowlands-Going Green" during the June 4 America-Israel Green Buildings Conference held at the Meadowlands Environment Center. Jennifer Senick, the founder and executive director of the Rutgers Center for Green Building at the Bloustein School, served on the panel with Meadowlands Commission Executive Director Robert Ceberio and James Kirkos, president of the Meadowlands Regional Chamber of Commerce.


April 2008

Norman J. Glickman named Thomas Hartmann Policy Fellow

New Jersey Policy Perspective (NJPP) has created the "Thomas Hartmann Policy Fellow" and named Norman J. Glickman, University Professor at Rutgers University, to the position. Dr. Glickman will contribute his expertise to NJPP over the course of the next year, expanding NJPP's capabilities in such areas as labor market analysis, income inequality and economic development. One of his projects will be The State of Working New Jersey, an examination of the situation working men and women face in the state today. NJPP's new position is named for Thomas B. Hartmann, who served as a member of its Board of Trustees from the organization's founding in 1997 until his death in November 2007. Tom was a professor of Journalism and Mass Media at Rutgers University's Livingston College after helping to found the college. In 1992, Rutgers gave him the Presidential Award for Distinguished Public Service.


February 2008

Robert Curvin Joins EJB as Distinguished Senior Policy Fellow

Robert CurvinA world-renowned expert on urban politics, economic development and social policy, Dr. Robert Curvin joined the Bloustein School in February as a Distinguished Senior Policy Fellow. He will present major lectures and take part in regularly scheduled graduate and undergraduate courses and seminars, sharing his vast experience and knowledge on public policy issues and concerns, especially in urban issues, issues of quality and equity, and philanthropy.

His first public lectures were part of a series of events this year at the Bloustein School reflecting back upon the 1967 Newark Disturbances and the resulting Governor’s Select Commission on Civil Disorders, better known as the Lilley Commission. As a Newark community activist at the time, Dr. Curvin worked to restore calm and became a forceful witness for the city's minority population before the Lilley Commission.  He was a key organizer in fashioning the coalition that successfully campaigned for the election of Kenneth Gibson, the first African American mayor of Newark. He went on to join the Editorial Board of The New York Times.

Dr. Curvin graduated from Rutgers and received his MSW from the University's Graduate School of Social Work. He received his Ph.D. in politics from Princeton University. Dr. Curvin was most recently president of the Greentree Foundation; director of the Ford Foundation's Urban Poverty Program; dean of the Graduate School of Management and Urban Professions, at the New School for Social Research; associate professor of political science at Brooklyn College; community development specialist at Rutgers University; director of the Rutgers Community Action Training Program; director of the Harlem Leadership Training Institute; and a caseworker and supervisor for the Essex County Welfare Board.

In addition, he currently serves as board chair of the Fund for the City of New York, and is a member of the board of the Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt Institute.  He has previously served on the boards of Channel 13, Princeton University, the RAND Corporation, the NJ Performing Arts Center, Newark Beth Israel Medical Center, and Broad National Bank.  Prior to attending college, he served as an officer in the 101st Airborne Artillery.  He is married to Patricia Hall Curvin, a retired high school English teacher.  They have two children and two grandchildren.


Meck Takes Part in Princeton Symposium Marking Mt. Laurel Decision

Faculty Fellow Stuart Meck took part in a symposium at Princeton University marking the 25th anniversary of the New Jersey Supreme Court's Mt. Laurel ruling regarding municipal obligations to provide affordable housing. In addition, the Journal of Planning History published a paper Meck co-authored with Auburn University Assistant Professor Rebecca Retzlaff regarding a landmark New York state court decision that helped launch smart growth policy.


January 2008

Brownfields CJudy Shawenter Welcomes Dr. Judy Shaw

Dr. Judy Shaw has joined the National Center for Brownfield and Neighborhood Redevelopment lead its program to develop sustainable neighborhood revitalization and encourage the innovative reuse of brownfields. Dr. Shaw worked previously with the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection and the Department of Community Affairs, and is a certified member of the American Institute of Certified Planners and a licensed Professional Planner in New Jersey.



December 2007

Cliff Zukin Named Director of Public Policy

Professor Cliff Zukin in January became Director of the Public Policy Program. Dr. Zukin recently joined the John J. Heldrich Center for Workforce Development and assisted NBC with exit poll analysis during the Super Tuesday presidential nominating primaries. He is the immediate past President of the American Association for Public Opinion Research.


November 2007

Chronicle of Higher Education Ranks Bloustein Faculty 7th in Nation

In its 2007 index of 375 universities, the Chronicle of Higher Education ranks the Urban and Regional Planning faculty at Rutgers 7th nationally for scholarly productivity. The ranking accounts for book and journal publications, citations, and grant awards. To learn more, click here


November 2007

Bob Lake of CUPR interviewed on WTMR-AM (Camden-Philadelphia-Wilmington) on a report coauthored with Kathe Newman, "Civic Engagement in Camden."

Get a scientific bird's-eye perspective on how city residents participate in revitalizing their hometowns as we discuss "Civic Engagement in Camden", a report in which our guest, Dr Robert W Lake of Rutgers University (New Brunswick) and the Center for Urban Policy Research, with other authors has painted a baseline portrait of what the municipal government has done to involve citizens in redevelopment decisionmaking and of what citizens themselves and civic organizations have done to make their voices heard. Perhaps you think you'll hear about citizen apathy or about officials who don't take residents' views fully into account. Perhaps you think you'll hear about a vibrant atmosphere of civic engagement. What you will certainly hear is a serious researcher who has used rigorous methodology to ferret out the truth, and here he tells you about the results.

Links for listening

Life-Net News & Radio Main Index http://www.lifenetradio.org
Life-Net Radio Online http://www.lifenetradio.org/#lnronline
"Whole Show" -- the whole quarter-hour in streaming Real Audio: http://www.lifenetradio.org/show465w.ram


November 2007

Anglin Wins Additional Funding for post-Katrina Work

Faculty Fellow Roland Anglin received three more grants relating to his ongoing post-Katrina work on the Gulf Coast. The W.K. Kellog Foundation and Rockefeller Foundation each provided $20,000 grants for a Funders Forum on Sustainable Gulf Coast Transformation that was held in New Orleans. The Louisiana Disaster Recovery Foundation provided $15,000 for his assistance in helping the Gulf Mid-South Young Leaders organization arrange forums with the 2008 presidential candidates.


October 2007

Cliff Zukin quoted on NPR's All Things Considered

"Do Polls Miss Views of the Young & Mobile?" Professor Cliff Zukin helps answer this question in this NPR segment.


October 2007

Julia Sass Rubin Wins Two Contracts from U.S. Treasury Department

Two grant proposals submitted by Assistant Professor Julia Sass Rubin for the study of community development financial issues have been awarded a total of $145,000 in funding by the U.S. Department of the Treasury. Professor Rubin will be principal investigator on a $100,000 study, Assessing Community Development Loan Funds' Systemic Impacts, and a $45,000 study, Community Development Venture Capital in Rural Communities.


October 2007
Clint Andrews Shares $1.8 million National Science Foundation Grant
Clinton J. Andrews, associate professor, and Uta Krugmann, an associate extension specialist with Cook College, were awarded a $1.8 million grant from the National Science Foundation for their project Self-Sufficient Urban Buildings. Andrews and Krogmann will explore the opportunities and limitations in achieving sustainable design with water and energy service for urban buildings.


October 2007

Jagannathan Teams with Cook Professor on 3 Grant Projects

Associate Professor Radha Jagannathan and Cook College Professor Michael Camasso are teaming on three grant projects. The Newark Department of Health and Human Services awarded a $35,000 grant to evaluate homeless services and another for $87,000 to evaluate community-based centers for the prevention of child abuse and neglect. Middle Earth, a Somerset County non-profit agency serving disadvantaged youth, hired Jagannathan and Camasso to evaluate the effectiveness of an after-school program provided by Bound Brook to 100 middle school students. The $16,000 contract was funded by the state Department of Education as part of the 21st Century Community Learning Centers Program.

September 2007

Newman Leads First-Year Seminar on Gentrification, Foreclosures

Assistant Professor Kathe Newman took part in a new Rutgers program for incoming freshman, leading a first-year seminar to familiarize a select group of students with the university's research agenda. Newman led the students on a tour of Harlem and, joined by University Professor Norm Glickman, a tour of Coney Island where Newman discussed her research into gentrification in New York City. The group’s work was featured in a page 1 feature of The Star-Ledger and by the Rutgers University Foundation. http://campaign.rutgers.edu/impact/


September 2007
NPR's Day to Day features Carl Van Horn
Carl Van Horn, Director of the John J. Heldrich Center for Workforce Development was featured on NPR's "Day to Day" program in a segment titled "'Marketplace' Report: The State of U.S. Workers" Click here for the transcript. Click here to listen.


July 2007
NPR Morning Edition features Frank Popper
An interview with Professor Frank J. Popper was included in National Public Radio's piece, Smaller is Better for Youngstown, Ohio. Click here to listen.


May 2007
Jagannathan, Nikpour, Buehler Win 2007 Jeremy Rose Teaching Excellence Awards
The 2007 Jeremy Rose Teaching Excellence Awards were presented to Associate Professor Radha Jagannathan (Faculty), Fereydoun Nikpour (Parttime Faculty) and Ralph Buehler (Teaching Assistant.) The awards are based on nominations in the three categories that are submitted to a committee consisting of past winners and representatives from the graduate and undergraduate programs.


May 2007
Three Bloustein School faculty members receive prestigious Rutgers University annual faculty awards
Michael Greenberg has won the Faculty Scholar-Teacher Award for the 2006-2007 academic year, an award that recognizes faculty who successfully integrate scholarship with teaching.  Jane Miller received the 2007 Research Mentor of the Year Award from the university’s Aresty Research Center in recognition of her outstanding mentorship of undergraduate students conducting research. Meredeth Turshen was recognized as a “Leader in Diversity."


March 2007
Professor John Pucher delivers kenote address at 2007 National Bike Summit
John Pucher, "Cycling for Everyone: Key to Public and Political Support," keynote address at the 2007 National Bike Summit, League of American Bicyclists, Washington, DC, March 16, 2007. (Please use this citation to acknowledge any information used from this PPT presentation.) Click here for PDF.


January 2007
Professor Meredeth Turshen featured in Rutgers' FOCUS magazine
The new issue of FOCUS includes a feature on EJB's Meredeth Turshen. Click here to Learn more about Meredeth's work on health care policy and African health issues.



December 2006
Faculty Search - Two Tenure-track Positions
The Edward J. Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy seeks applicants for two faculty positions to begin July 2007. Review of applications will begin on January 15, 2007, and will continue until the positions are filled. Click here for more details.


December 2006
Professor Michael Lahr Receives Grant
Professor Michael Lahr of the Center for Urban Policy Research has received a grant from the Region II University Transportation Research Center worth up to $50,000 to study the regional economic effects of new aviation technology. Professor Lahr will be working with Martin E. Robins, Director of the Alan M. Voorhees Transportation Center, and Ph.D. student Robert Checchio.


December 2006
Rutgers' Bloustein School Faculty Honored with Three Awards for Leadership in Education, Planning
The Edward J. Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, has captured three faculty awards for leadership in planning and education. Awards were presented to Professors Listokin, Nelessen and Hughes. Click here for the press release.


July 2006
Gov. Corzine Names Van Horn Chairman of New Jersey EDA
Governor Jon Corzine appointed Bloustein School Professor Carl E. Van Horn , the director of the John J. Heldrich Center for Workforce Development, chairman of the New Jersey Economic Development Authority (NJEDA.) The NJEDA offers financial assistance to businesses and school facilities projects, and undertakes economic development projects in urban areas. In addition, Heldrich Center Chief Economist William M. Rodgers III was appointed by the Governor to serve on the state’s Government Efficiencies and Reform Commission.


July 2006
Achievement in Planning Award
A comprehensive planning studio, "Seaside Heights Revitalization Plan," taught by Fred Heyer and Susan Gruel of the Urban Planning and Policy Development Program, won the 2006 Achievement in Planning Award from the New Jersey Planning Officials.


May 2006
Zukin Presides over National Conference
Senior Research Fellow Cliff Zukin in May presided over the 61st Annual Conference of the American Association for Public Opinion Research in Montreal, which drew over 850 attendees and 300 presenters. He delivered the presidential address, The Future is Here!  Where Are We Now?  And How Do We Get There.


January 2006
Bloustein School Plays Prominent Role in Corzine Administration Transition
The Corzine Administration tapped the Bloustein School for service on transition teams as it prepared to assume office in January. Heldrich Center Director Carl E. Van Horn served as Vice-Chair for Policy and Management. His responsibilities included overseeing 19 policy groups advising the Governor-elect on a wide range of subjects including economic growth, education, budget, labor and workforce development, and ethics in government. He also helped screen candidates for cabinet-level positions. Heldrich Center Executive Director Kathy Krepcio served on the labor transition team; Professor and Heldrich Center Chief Economist William M. Rodgers III was a member of the education transition team. VTC Senior Fellow Lou Gambaccini co-chaired and VTC Director Martin Robins served on the transportation team, and Associate Professor Radha Jagannathan served on the housing team. 



Achievement in Planning Award
On April 29, 2005, the Association of New Jersey State Planning Officials gave an Achievement in Planning Award to the graduate planning studio class led by Fred Heyer and Susan Gruel for their Toms River waterfront revitalization strategy.


Faculty Promotions
Jocelyn Elise Crowley and Radha Jagannathan were both promoted to the rank of Associate Professor with tenure in Spring 2005.


Report on the New Jersey Service Activities and Perspectives of Rutgers Faculty
Prepared by Associate Professor David Guston and the students in his class, "The Role of Experts in the Policy Process." The report was referenced by Rutgers President Richard McCormick in his Address to the University on September 10. Click here to view the report.


Assessment of the New Jersey Business Employment Incentive Program (BEIP)
Written by Joseph J. Seneca, James W. Hughes, and George R. Nagle and submitted to NJ Treasurer John E. McCormac. Click here to view the report.