Meet the BSAA Board

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The Bloustein School Alumni Association board is a distinguished group of professionals with a wide array of interests. We are always looking for new alumni members, so if you are interested in serving on the board let us know.

Check presentationBloustein School Alumni Association (BSAA) 2013 Board Officers presenting Dean, James Hughes a $10,000 check for the BSAA Annual Graduate Fellowship award.  Pictured from left to right are Treasurer, Vito A. Gallo, GSNB’71 (MCRP);  President, Peter Amari, GSNB '76 (MCRP);  Dean, James Hughes; Vice President, Jim Zullo, GSNB ’96 (MCRP);  and Secretary,  Aaron Richton, EJB ’08 (MPP).


Jim Zullo, GSNB '96 (MCRP)

Vice President
Gina Fischetti, MCRP '03 

Yirgu Wolde, MCRP '75

Aaron Richton, EJB ’08 (MPP)                                            


Peter Amari, GSNB '76 (MCRP)                                                  

Scott Bauman, EJB '95 MCRP                                      

Dan Benson, EJB '99 (MPP)                                                  

Maria Connolly, EJB '03 MCRP                                      

Gina Fischetti,  EJB ’03 MCRP/LAW                          

Vito A. Gallo, GSNB '71 MCRP                                      

David Greenblatt, EJB ’10  MPP

Josephine (Teri) Jover, EJB '99 MCRP                          

Anthony L. Marchetta, GSNB '78, MCRP                          

Ms. Ngozi Obi, EJB '07 MCRP                                      

Aaron Richton, EJB ’08 MPP                                      
George Ververides, RC '58 MCRP                          

Jim Zullo, GSNB '96 MCRP