Evan Casper-Futterman

Evan Casper-Futterman


Previous Degrees: Vassar College, 2007, BA Geography University of New Orleans, 2011, Master of Urban and Regional Planning


Contact Information

E-mail: evan.casperfutterman@gmail.com


Website: about.me/ecf


Research Interest/Personal Statement:

The United Nations designated 2012 the International Year of the Cooperative. Like many in the field of economic and community development, I am excited by the opportunities that worker-cooperatives in particular offer for economic equity and justice—while also being wary of the obstacles to growth that these enterprises face. While several other G-8 nations have superior cooperative policy infrastructures, their replicability in the United States are questionable. I aim to develop a dissertation that addresses the opportunities and challenges for worker cooperatives, particularly concerning scale and the role of federal, state, and municipal policies in enabling the growth of these enterprises and their technical support infrastructure (lending, accreditation, etc).


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