Shannon Sweeney

Margaret M. D’Aversa


Dissertation Topic: Health Patterns in Migrating Communities and Impact of Sending and Receiving Country Health Policies


Dissertation Advisor: Meredeth Turshen


Previous Degrees: MA, English (writing track), Rutgers University, 2007; MBA, University of Rhode Island, 1991; BSTE, Philadelpha University, 1982.


Contact Information

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Research Interest

As a scientist and engineer for Johnson & Johnson, I work on solutions which enable health care professionals in developed and emerging countries to do their clinical/surgical work more efficiently and with better efficacy. While this work is challenging and rewarding, I find that my immersion in the physical sciences needs to be balanced with an understanding of the other factors which lead to specific diseases occurring in certain places and at certain times. I intend to study the intersection of health patterns of migrating populations and health policies of sending and receiving countries. The PhD program in Planning and Policy at Bloustein will aid me in that effort as it allows a student to engage in a topic from close and related angles with faculty who have diverse interests in the planning and policy fields.


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