Shannon Sweeney

Ryan M. Good


Previous Degrees: M.A., Geography and Urban Studies, Temple University, 2011; M.A., Theological Studies, Associated Mennonite Biblical Seminary, 2006; B.A., Physics, Goshen College, 2000


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I am interested in urban space as a space of encounter, possibility, and politics. I am interested in who lives where in the city, why people live where they do, and the implications of the distribution of people across the urban landscape—socially, politically, and economically. These interests frame a research focus on neighborhoods, urban community, and the production of place. What processes shape place identities and how are those processes contested? How do local residents achieve spaces of belonging, and by what processes are people denied such space? What are the political implications of a place to belong—a place where one's voice is accepted and one's way of being validated?


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