Shannon Sweeney

Nick Klein

Dissertation Topic/Title: Curbside Buses and the Transformation of the Intercity Bus Industry


Advisor: Dr. Robert Noland


Previous Degrees: University of Pennsylvania, 2006, Masters in Urban Spatial Analytics; Cornell University, 2001, Bachelors of Science in Operations Research and Industrial Engineering


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Research Interest

My dissertation examines the rapidly growing curbside intercity bus industry, such as the so-called “Chinatown Buses.” Curbside buses are intercity buses that eschew bus terminals in favor of picking up and dropping off passengers on city street corners. My research examines the growth of this industry, unpacks the appeal of these buses, evaluates the impact on competing transportation modes and examines the regulatory challenges posed by these buses.


In addition to my dissertation research, I am also conducting several research projects examining varied transportation issues as they relate to immigrants and immigrant communities, gay and lesbian neighborhoods and bicycling in New York City. In all of my research, I seek to integrate theories from other fields, such as urban geography, political economy, or queer theory, into transportation and urban planning.


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