Shannon Sweeney

Bahareh Sehatzadeh

Dissertation Topic/Title: Transportation Inequality and Social Exclusion


Advisor: Robert Noland


Previous Degrees: : M.S. in Urban and Regional Planning, September 2005, Iran; B.S. in Civil Engineering, June 2000, Iran


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Research Interest

Throughout my experience of living in the capital city as well as some smaller cities in Iran, then moving to the East Coast and finally ending up on the West Coast I have come to experience different systems of transportation and realize how it shapes many aspects of our lives. Majority of our activities involve getting from one point to another and they can be either facilitated or hindered by available transportation options. What services people can use and what activities they can participate in depends on characteristics of the individual, availability of services and places of activities, and availability of means of transportation. The interaction of these factors can either empower individuals or exclude them from socioeconomic activities. And not everyone benefits the same. In my research I am interested in evaluating transportation from inequality and social exclusion point of view. Inequality indices have long been benefiting planners and policy makers in many fields like economics, education, etc. and it is about time for transportation planners to start systematically utilizing such indices in their field since they can help in evaluating existing conditions, prioritizing alternatives and evaluating policies among other things.


Teaching and TA Experience

Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy, Rutgers University


School of Arts and Sciences, Rutgers University