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NJDOT ADA Transition Plan Update


The New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT) is taking a strategic approach in assuring state-owned highways and transportation facilities comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA.) While still in the initial phase of addressing ADA compliance on state roadways and pedestrian facilities, NJDOT has an implementation strategy to address any inadequacies.  The first phase consists of counting and identifying each intersection on NJ state roads.  In the second phase, missing curb ramps will be identified and installed. In the third phase, all other inadequacies including slope, and widths of existing sidewalks and ramps will be identified. The NJDOT is gathering this information to submit its 2010 ADA Transition Plan to the Federal Highway Administration this October.


The consulting firm, Michael Baker Jr., Inc. will inventory state highway mainline intersections to determine how many have sidewalk curb ramps. Utilizing a feature extraction process, recently collected photolog images will be analyzed to identify the curb ramps. The resulting data will then be loaded into the NJDOT’s on-line Straight Line Diagram with links to the photo ID that best represents each curb ramp. Baker will also configure the on-line system to enable users to click on a curb ramp feature symbol in order to view

images of specific ramps.


Another consultant, Cambridge Systematics, is helping NJDOT further develop its ADA/504 Program. Training modules were developed based on interviews with the department’s internal ADA work group and will be conducted throughout 2010 to train staff how to take a strategic approach to ADA compliance. The NJDOT work group consists of 21 subject matter experts on external ADA-related issues who provide technical guidance and advise the department’s ADA coordinator on transportation projects and activities.


In addition, officials with the NJDOT’s Division of Civil Rights have been conducting ADA compliance inspections of NJDOT’s two highway rest areas- Knowlton and Deepwater, along with its regional offices in Mount Arlington, Freehold and Cherry Hill. All repairs are targeted for completion in 2010.

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