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    changes provide flexibility for
    jurisdictions to either use the
    bicyclelane signs or not (Section
   9B.04). The definition of a “Bicycle
   Lane” hasbeen altered to reflect
   this change (Section 1A.13)

  • The addition of new sign designs, including: bicycle destination guide signs (Section 9B.20 & Figure 9B-4 signs D1-1 through D4-3;) bicycle route signs that can include a unique pictograph or words (Section 9B.21 & Figure 9B-4 sign M1-8a;) and a revised design for the “U.S. Bicycle Route” sign (Section 9B.21 & Figure 9B-4 sign M1-9) 


Additions and changes for marking and designing multi-use paths have also been added.  These include:

  • An entire chapter on pathway grade crossings(Chapter 8D)
  • A new sign and plaque for combined pedestrian/bike crossings (Section 2C.49 & Figure 2C-10, sign W11-15)
  • New placement standards and designs for signs used on multi-use paths (Part 9)


For a more in-depth look at the new and revised traffic control devices for bicyclists and pedestrians, visit the following links:


MUTCD 2009 Edition, dated December 2009 –

Webinar rebroadcast:  Major Bike/Ped changes and new provisions to 2009 MUTC
Presenters – Scott Wainwright, Bruce Friedman
FHWA • Wednesday, May 24, 2010


PowerPoint presentations discussing the changes to the 2009 MUTCD –

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