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improvement process.


By adopting a Complete Streets policy and focusing on influencing a culture of change at all levels within the Department, NJDOT has made a clear statement that all users deserve to be accommodated on our state roads.




NJDOT Releases New Jersey State Bicycling Manual


The New Jersey Department of Transportation has recently released its long anticipated New Jersey State Bicycling manual. Funded through the New Jersey Department of Transportation and the Federal Highway Administration, this manual was produced with the assistance of the New Jersey Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee, Safety Education Sub-Committee to provide comprehensive information required by bicyclists to ride safely on roadways with other traffic.


Topics covered include:

• Traveling by Bicycle / Purpose of This Manual

• Selecting, Fitting & Equipping Your Bike

• Quick Maintenance Checks

• Off to a Good Start

• Traffic Basics

• Sharing the Road

• Parking Your Bike

• Difficult Situations

• Riding at Night & in Rain and Snow

• Riding with Others

• Riding on Shared-Use Paths

• NJ Bicycling Law & Roadway Restrictions

• Traffic Signals, Signs and Road Markings


Understanding the information contained in the manual and practicing bike riding skills will enable bicyclists to ride with competence and confidence. The manual is available online and can be downloaded from NJDOT at






Recognizing New Jersey’s Smart Workplaces


New Jersey's eight Transportation Management Associations (TMA) honored employers who have voluntarily implemented outstanding commuter benefit programs to encourage their respective employees to use transit, vanpools, carpools and bicycling and telecommuting at their individual Annual Meetings in 2010. Use of these alternative modes can save employees time and money while reducing traffic congestion and improving air quality. The New Jersey Smart Workplaces (NJSW) program recognizes and honors organizations and individuals who help reduce traffic congestion and improve air quality by providing commuter benefits to employees. The program

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