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Transportation Planning

  • An Assessment of "Last Mile" Shuttles in New Jersey, 63 pages. Deva Deka. March 2012. Final Report
  • Impact of Demographic Changes on Transit Patterns in New Jersey, 197 pages. June 2010. Technical Brief | Final Report
  • Feasibility of Rail Acess to Liberty State Park
    VTC staff and students with the Edward J. Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy, 60 pages. A 2008 Fall Semester studio project. February 2009. Final Report
  • Informed Intuition: Discussion Paper for Newark's Transit Future
    Martin E. Robins and PBF Consulting, 35 pages. A report prepared for NJ TRANSIT and the City of Newark. February 2008. Final Report
  • Camden County Travel Management Coordination Center (TMCC)
    VTC assisted the Camden County Workforce Investment Board (WIB), in conjunction with its local United We Ride planning effort, in developing a Travel Management Coordination Center (TMCC) to improve the delivery of community transportation services through a comprehensive, technology-driven brokerage model. The TMCC creates access for all transportation-disadvantaged consumers in Camden County to all local and regional modes of transportation, including local fixed and flexible routes, as well as local demand-response services. The study was one of eight national demonstration projects funded by the Federal Transit Administration to demonstrate how technology can be used to simplify and coordinate the human service transportation system for users and providers. (Client: Federal Transit Administration). 2007-2008. Camden County TMCC
  • The New Jersey Trucking Baseline Report: A Reality Check
    Martin E. Robins and Anne Strauss-Wieder, 38 pages. A paper prepared for The New Jersey Motor Truck Association, October 2007. Final Report
  • Rutgers University-Newark & NJ TRANSIT TDM Partnership
    Andrea Lubin and Pippa Woods, 60 pages. A final memorandum prepared for Rutgers University-Newark. March 2007. Final Report
  • Viability of Personal Rapid Transit In New Jersey
    Jon Carnegie and Paul Hoffman. A report prepared for the New Jersey Department of Transportation and NJ TRANSIT and presented to Governor Jon Corzine and The New Jersey State Legislature, February 2007. Final Report
  • Northeast Corridor Action Plan: A Call for a New Federal-State Partnership
    Martin E. Robins, 36 pages. A report prepared with Hamilton, Rabinovitz & Alschuler, Inc. for the Newark Regional Business Partnership. November 2006.
    Final Report | Press Release
  • Georges Road Gateway Planning Project
    VTC staff and a student project team, 61 pages. Prepared for Radha Jagannathan, Ph.D., and Michael J. Camasso, Ph.D. September 2006. Final Report
  • Before-After Evaluation of NJDOT Bypass Projects
    VTC is conducting case-study research to review the traffic, circulation, economic and community impacts of state highway bypass projects. (Client: NJDOT). April 2005. Final Report
  • The Role of Amtrak's Intercity Passenger Rail Services in New Jersey
    Martin E. Robins, 24 Pages. A report funded by The J.C. Kellogg Foundation, June 2004. Final Report
  • An Assessment of Rail Freight Service Within the International Intermodal Transportation Center
    35 Pages. A report prepared with A. Strauss-Wieder, Inc., and the New Jersey Institute of Technology for the North Jersey Transportation Planning Authority and the New Jersey Department of Transportation. May 2004. Final Report
  • Office of Strategic Policy and Planning, New Jersey Turnpike Authority
    18 Pages. Presented To The New Jersey Turnpike Authority. January 2004. Final Report
  • Essex County Community Transportation Planning: A Situational Analysis
    This study examined the history of community transportation planning process and implementation of welfare-to-work transportation services in Essex County. Research tasks included a national literature review for “best practices,” a review of New Jersey statewide community transportation planning initiatives and a series of key informant interviews to ascertain the current state of planning and implementation in Essex County. (Client: New Jersey Institute for Social Justice) July 2001. Summary Findings | Final Report
  • Regional Intergovernmental Transportation Coordinating Study Commission
    13 Pages. Presented to the New Jersey Legislature. October 2000. Final Report
  • Regional Intergovernmental Transportation Coordinating Study Commission (RITCSC) Technical Support and Follow-up
    VTC served as secretariat to the commission which investigated the implementation history of the Transportation Development District Act of 1989 and methods for improving coordination of land use and transportation planning at all levels of government. (Client: NJDOT) October 2000. Final Report


Land Use and Transit Oriented Development

  • For additional reports on this topic, visit: Transit-Oriented Development
  • An Evaluation of Property Values in New Jersey Transit Villages
    Robert Noland, Ph.D., Michael Lahr, Ph.D., and Stephanie DiPetrillo, 101 pages. This report provides an analysis of whether the New Jersey Transit Village Initiative has led to increases in property values in municipalities that have joined the program. February 2011. Final Report
  • Route 1 Smart Growth Short Version Final Report | Final Report
    Jon Carnegie. September 2010.
  • Eliminating Barriers to Transit-Oriented Development
    Daniel Chatman, Ph.D., and Stephanie DiPetrillo, 81 pages. This report looked at three conditions that could be barriers to transit-oriented development: impacts on schools; impacts to local auto traffic; and, impacts on local parking. Ten transit stations in distinct communities were investigated, comparing households living near rail stations as well as farther away in both old and new housing. March 2010. Technical Brief | Final Report
  • Land Development at Selected Hudson-Bergen Light Rail Stations
    Martin E. Robins and Jan Wells, 49 pages. A report prepared for NJ TRANSIT. April 2008. Final Report
  • The Impacts of Office Location on the Commute Experience of New Jersey Workers
    This study examined the effects of NJ office locations on personal transportation experiences and the transportation network. December 2005. (Client: NJDOT)
  • I-287 Mobility Report
    148 Pages, June 2005. Final Report
  • Urban-Rural Differences in Mobility and Mode Choice: Evidence from the 2001 NHTS
    John Pucher, John Renne, 23 Pages. April 2004. Final Report
  • Socioeconomics of Urban Travel: Evidence From The 2001 NHTS
    John Pucher, John Renne, 30 Pages. The Fourth in a Series of Articles for Transportation Quarterly. Summer 2003. Final Report
  • Scoring Formula For New Jersey's Main Streets
    Reid Ewing, Michael King, Sophie Hartshorn, 67 Pages. A report prepared for the NJ Department of Transportation, March 2003. Final Report
  • Flexible Design Of New Jersey's Main Streets
    Reid Ewing, Michael King. 2002. Final Report
  • Camden County Smart Growth Transit Analysis
    22 Pages. A report prepared for the Senator Walter Rand Institute, the City of Camden, The Camden County Board of Freeholders and the Greater Camden Partnership, December 2002. Final Report
  • Traffic Calming Evaluation and Monitoring: Plainsboro Township, NJ
    Michael King, Jon Carnegie, Reid Ewing, Joshua Schneider, 28 pages. A report prepared for Keep Middlesex Moving, Inc., April 2002. Final Report
  • The Greater New Brunswick Area Corridor Study
    Urbitran Associates, Inc., 78 Pages. A report prepared for the Alan M. Voorhees Transportation Center and Middlesex County, NJ, June 2001. Final Report
  • Also see Transit-Oriented Development


Motor Vehicle Licensing Policy


Bicycle & Pedestrian Mobility and Safety


Transportation Security & Evacuation

  • Customer Perceptions of Transit Security
    Jon Carnegie and Deva Deka, Ph.D. 68 pages. (Client: NJ TRANSIT) December 2010. Technical Brief | Final Report


Transportation Equity

  • A Strategy for Getting People with Disabilities to Work: Supporting New Jersey County Transportation
    Andrea Lubin, Stephanie DiPetrillo and Steven R. Fittante. 121 pages. (Client: NJ Department of Human Services) December 2012.
    New Jersey's 21 county community transportation providers – like many of their peers nationwide – are facing economic difficulties in maintaining and enhancing the vital services they provide to transportation disadvantaged persons, including people with disabilities seeking to access employment. This two-year study documents these difficulties and investigates best practices that could assist county community transportation providers in New Jersey and beyond cope, allowing them to better serve those most in need of transportation support.
    Tech Brief | Executive Summary | Final Report | Appendix
  • Connecting to Jobs by Connecting to Transit
    Andrea Lubin, Stephanie DiPetrillo, and Louis Hoffman. 58 pages. (Client: NJ Department of Human Services) December 2012.
    During an 18-month period, the Alan M. Voorhees Transportation Center (VTC) at Rutgers University, in collaboration with the nonprofit, travel training organization NJ TIP Inc., developed, piloted, and refined a transportation orientation/familiarization training program targeted to New Jersey's vocational rehabilitation community that assists persons with disabilities seeking employment. The program is entitled Connect to Transit.
    Tech Brief | Final Report | Appendix
  • Regional Travel Concierge Initiative: Phase I Planning
    Andrea Lubin, 33 pages. A report prepared for the Henry H. Kessler Foundation. February 2007. Final Report
  • NJ Division of Disability Services Five-Year Transportation Plan
    This study involved national literature and best practice research, spatial analysis, and consumer survey work to support the development of a five-year action plan for the NJ Division of Disability Services to address transportation barriers to work for individuals with disabilities working in or desiring to work in the competitive workplace. A report, Meeting the Employment Transportation Needs of People with Disabilities in New Jersey, is the result of this effort. (Client: NJ Department of Human Services, Division of Disability Services). 2005.
    Final Report, Executive Summary
    Full Final Report | Word version
  • Safe Mobility At Any Age: Summary Proceedings and Final Report
    2004-2005. Safe Mobility Resource Page
  • Five-Year Transportation Plan for the New Jersey Division of Disability Services: Phase I Findings
    45 Pages. A report prepared for the New Jersey Department of Human Services, August 2002. Final Report


Transportation & Environment

  • Transportation Futures: Policy Scenarios for Achieving Greenhouse Gas Reduction Targets
    Andrew I. Kay, Robert B. Noland, and Caroline J. Rodier, 56 pages. March 2014.
    The research presented here analyzes three scenarios to reduce GHG emissions in the transportation sector: changes in the perceived price of travel, land-use intensification, and increases in transit. Elasticity estimates are derived using an activity-based travel model for the state of California and broadly representative of the U.S. The VISION model is used to forecast changes in technology and fuel options that are currently forecast to occur in the U.S., providing a life cycle GHG forecast for the road transportation sector. Results suggest that aggressive policy action is needed, especially pricing policies, but also more on the technology side.
    Final Report
  • NJ Energy Master Plan and Greenhouse Gas Initiative
  • Energy Consumption and the Commute to Work
    VTC staff in association with Jeffrey Zupan, 4 pages. A working paper prepared for the Center for Energy, Economic and Environmental Policy at Rutgers University. January 2006. Final Report
  • An Evaluation of Public-Private Incentives to Reduce Emissions from Regional Ferries
    Synthesis Report , 15 Pages, July 2005
    Technical Memorandum I , 16 Pages, February 2004
    Technical Memorandum II , 38 Pages, June 2004
    Final Report
  • Penn's Neck Final Environmental Impact Statement
    Record of Decision 27 Pages, May 2005.
    Executive Summary 47 Pages. December 2004.


Transportation Finance & Economics

  • Economic Impacts of the RiverLINE
    Daniel Chatman, Ph.D. and Stephanie DiPetrillo, 185 pages. June 2010. Technical Brief | Final Report
  • Freight Movement as an Economic Indicator for New Jersey
    Martin E. Robins, Pippa Woods with Kaan Osbay, PhD, Center for Advanced Infrastructure and Transportation, and Nancy Mantell, Director, Rutgers Economic Advisory Service, 40 pages. Prepared for University Transportation Research Center, Region II, March 2008. Final Report
  • Principles for a U.S. Public Freight Agenda in a Global Economy
    Martin E. Robins and Anne Strauss-Wieder, 28 pages. A paper prepared for The Brookings Institution Series on Transportation Reform. January 2006. Article
  • Reform, Revenue, Results: How to Save New Jersey's Transportation System
    Regional Plan Association, 16 pages. VTC and the Bloustein School served as sub-consultants to this second of two reports on New Jersey's Transportation Trust Fund, November 2005. Final Report
  • Putting the Trust Back in the New Jersey Transportation Trust Fund (Executive Summary)
    Regional Plan Association, 8 pages. VTC and the Bloustein School served as sub-consultants on this followup report to the Blue Ribbon Transportation Commission, July 2005. Final Report
  • Evaluation of NJ Turnpike and Port Authority Variable Pricing
    In partnership with City University of New York (CUNY), VTC conducted research on the effectiveness of variable pricing initiatives implemented in the tri-state region. (Client: CUNY) May 2005. Final Report
  • The Crisis in State Transportation Finance: Lessons Learned from the New Jersey Experience
    Martin E. Robins, 11 pages. An article published in The Journal of Transportation Law, Logistics & Policy, October 2004. Final Report
  • Fuel Price Adjustment Techniques: A Review of Industry Practice
    24 Pages. A Report Prepared for the Monmouth County (NJ) Department of Human Services, September 2004. Final Report
  • Blue Ribbon Commission Report: Recommendations for Ensuring a Strong Transportation Network for the 21st Century
    Blue Ribbon Transportation Commission, 51 pages. Presented to Governor James E. McGreevey and the New Jersey Legislature, November 2003. Final Report
  • Bi-State Interdependence Symposium: The Economy and Transportation
    Summary Proceedings, 19 Pages. Summary of a joint symposium held at New York University by the Alan M. Voorhees Transportation Center and the Rudin Center for Transportation Policy and Management, May 2003. Final Report
  • A Recent History of NJ Transit's Operations and Capital Budgeting: Too Many Objectives, Too Few Resources, No Accountability
    Martin E. Robins, Neil A. Denno, 38 pages. A report prepared for the J.C. Kellogg Foundation, November 2001. Final Report
  • The Value of Freight to the State of New Jersey
    42 Pages. A report prepared with A. Strauss-Wieder, Inc. For the New Jersey Department of Transportation, February 2001. Final Report
  • The Trend of Transit Labor Costs: 1982-97
    Neil A. Denno, Martin E. Robins, 20 pages. A report prepared for the American Public Transit Institute, September 2000. Final Report
  • On the Road Again... But to Where? Transportation Proposals Only Delay Day of Reckoning
    Martin E. Robins, 12 pages. An analysis published by New Jersey Policy Perspective, June 2000. Final Report
  • Bridge to Nowhere
    Martin E. Robins, 6 pages. An article published in New Jersey Reporter, November 1999. Final Report


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